The Tale # 62 - LIVER

My hips were feeling better, but they weren't better.  There was some sort of energy release from what Dr. Yu did, but the energy was still there.  The next day, after my first session with Dr. Yu, I felt great.  But, by the end of the week, I was back to being locked up in my hips, with Baby Ken often causing me to shake.  Luckily, the Dark Man didn’t manifest. (Oh please no!)  When the Dark Man came out to play, it was bad.  It was like being stabbed by a harpoon in my right hip flexor.

So the following Monday, I decided to return to Dr. Yu to see if you could undo the energy again.  It was the same deal. 10 pins in my toes, pins in my quads, one pin in my solar plexus and 8 pins on my head.  Again, my body started to vibrate, tears flew, and I lay there for 30 minutes, while Dr. Yu wielded his energy magic with other devotees in the other cubicles.  30 minutes later, he reappeared, unpinned me, and promptly said, 

“Vely good.  How you feel?”

“I feel good, I mean weird but I feel better I think not all better but I think maybe I am a little maybe better.”

He looked confused.

“What you say?”

“I feel better, yes I feel better.”

“Vely Good.  Energy maybe go away.”

“I hope so. Why does this happen?”

He paused, squinted his eyes and said:

“I not see this offen but I see with Qi Gong. Many have too too too much energy - locked inside.”

Qi Gong is a Chinese Yoga like practice which was banned by the Chinese government.

“Really, you have seen this.”

“Yes, many times, not here, in China I see.  Many times.  Many times.  Come you here please you?

He motioned for me to follow him to his office.

On the wall in his office was a big chart of the Energy meridians in the body.  He pointed to one of the lines.

“This is Liver melidian. Yours is blocked. Lots of energy stuck. You need to release. Acupuncture help.”

I looked at the chart.  The liver meridian comes up from the toes, up through the inner thigh and hip flexor, up into the lower back and liver and then up to the middle of the ribs by the solar plexus and then up the front of the neck, to the eyes and then the forehead.   It was almost exactly the areas where I was experiencing my crazy cramping and crazy energy flow.


WHAM!  It was like an anvil was dropped on my head.

The answer lay not in stretching the areas where I was cramped up, like I had been doing for years with Yoga.

The solution was in releasing the blocked areas around where I was cramping up so the energy could flow!!!


No wonder the energy would flow left and right left and right cramping my lower back and hip flexors.  It was trapped between my rib cage and my quads.

My answer lie not in my PROBLEM -the cramped muscles, but in the ENVIRONMENT around it - the energy blocks in at my ribcage and quads.  If I could release those areas, possibly my symptoms would dissipate.  It was worth a try. 


But the big question was this?  



If this is just an energy block, why are Baby Ken and the DARK MAN living in my hips?


Ken WolfComment