The Tale # 63 - Upside down Discovery

The whole paradigm of ENERGY release versus MUSCLE release was fascinating.  I had been stretching the area where I was experiencing discomfort thinking that the discomfort was a caused of the tightness of the muscles and at one level it was.  But in reality, it was caused by the trapped energy in that area, causing my hip flexors and lower back to cramp.  In actuality the stretch of the problem area actually released MORE energy, call it Trauma energy or Kundalini or Chi or whatever.  So for three years, in my process to heal myself, I was actually releasing more energy in the problem area stretching those muscle causing that area to continue to cramp.   I was trapped in the conventional belief about what one should do with tight muscles - STRETCH!


So the key to my problem physically, was to release the BLOCKAGES that were preventing the energy to flow through my chakras or meridians or… well, hell my body.  If I could release those blockages, those areas outside of the problem area, possible, just possibly, I could release the energy and be healed.

The acupuncture had been effective to a point, but it never cleared my energy more than about 80%.  I needed to somehow do MORE!

The idea hit me at the Gym a couple days later.  I was cramped up and I was hanging upside down on the stretch machine trying not to stretch my hip flexors too much when from that vantage point I saw one of those foam rollers that they have there by the mat area.  The rollers are made to release the fascia (the outer casing of muscles)  in various parts of your body by literally rolling on this styrofoam thing.  It was like a self massage.  These were the questions I asked myself from my bat like upside down position on the stretch machine:

WHAT IF I ROLLED OUT ON THE LIVER MERIDIAN?  Could it release more than the acupuncture?

Could it help clear out this nasty energy?

It was worth a try.


I jumped down, grabbed a long foam roller and made my way to a mat in the corner of the Gym.  It was mid afternoon so not so many people were around.  Thank God, I was not up to making a bouncing spectacle of myself.

I started by rolling the roller on my quads and immediately my head started to shake side to side.

Oh damn!

I then rolled over and started to roll on my upper lower back right where the muscles connect with my rib cage.  My legs kicked up.

This is wild.  This could be it. Damn.  Keep going, Ken, keep going!

I rolled side to side on my lower back and my legs jumped and I started to cry, old painful trauma stuff but also DISCOVERY stuff, maybe this, god damnit, maybe this could finally be a solution.  It was this weird mix of bad old pain and unbelievable hopeful joy.  My body shook while I cried.  

I then turned over and rolled on my solar plexus.  My entire body bounced, shook, I cried and then I started to laugh, yes maybe please please oh god thank you! - is this it? - please god please!

I rolled for about 15 minutes.  The energy was definitely moving.


I took a shower and drove home, feeling like a million bucks. 

Like the old me, before all this happened.


That night, online, I ordered a foam roller of my own.



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