The Tale # 66 - Denouement

Since that fateful day in December 2006, I have had no visitations from Baby Ken or the Dark Man.  As I write this 3 and a half years later, I am still amazed I had what I experienced as ENTITIES in my body.  It is all like a wild dream.  I still can't believe all of what happened to me as a result of TRAINING in YOGA.

Emotionally I am better than ever.  Everyday when I wake up and look over at my amazing girlfriend and our little dog Roma, I thank God that I am waking up ALONE.  There is just one of me.  I am not disjointed. I am not broken.  I am not in PAIN.

There is this strange soft peace in me now, knowing that no matter what happens to me in life, there is this still strong voice inside me, call it my soul, call it my true self, or call it God, and not matter what happens, this still strong voice will alway be there to guide me, support me, and carry me through any and all adversity.

This still strong voice inside me which I embraced during my People in my Hips adventure is the gift, the reason, the growth, the why I lived through the madness.  It has empowered me in a myriad of ways some I can't even describe with words.  I am so so grateful I went on this journey.  I am a better happier man because of it.

I still experience some occasional trauma in my hips. Recently I developed severe Sciatica (my tale is documented in these pages - search NOWTODAY to find those entries) which manifested from poor lifting and tightness in my hip area.  In working it out with stretching and some chiropractic work, I have experienced some faint old trauma feelings in my hips BUT NOTHING in comparison to what went on for me during my People in my hips journey.  When it comes up, I notice it and let it go.  Will it ever totally vacate my body this old trauma energy?  It think not.  But it will NEVER take over my life again.  I am present, here and now, and I plan and know that I will keep it that way.  

We are all responsible for and have power over our lives even in the face of crazy adversity.  The key for me is the belief that in any given moment in time there is possibility for change.  It may not happen today, but if one persists and works toward any goal, or against any obstacle, things will eventually change.  The key is to never give up and to keep changing what you are doing when what you are doing isn't working.

I still hope to someday get on Oprah,  (I know I only have a year to go.)  but I am not going to drive myself crazy in the process of getting on her show to help people with similiar PTSD multiple personality issues.  I can get the word out and help people without Oprah's show to help me.

But it would be cool to share this story with her after all I went through and how that hope, the hope to be on her show, helped me keep going even when the going got tough. But in any case, I have lots of people to connect to, and I think a really important message to share.

I believe a huge percentage of "MENTAL ILLNESS" is simply cause by energy imbalance.  The problem is when MENTAL ILLNESS occurs most individuals go to drugs to manage it, and that is just dealing with the symptom, and not what I believe is the cause.  I thank God, I never took drugs to manage my "MENTAL ILLNESS".  Yes, it wasn't fun, but I was able to look and explore, and ultimately, by following my intuition, my gut, and that still strong voice inside me, I was able to cure myself of my condition.

This is the end to the People in the Hips Story Arc #1.  In the months ahead, I will be sharing more tales of my journey as they become relevant, more insights on energy/Yoga/Bodywork and illness, and more.

I am not done.  This story is too big and too important to be marked as "read" and to be put on a bookshelf somewhere.

It's time we look at all in a new way.

In any given moment in time, there is possibility.  Let's keep exploring.


with best regards,

Ken Wolf

sitting in Starbucks 

7:40 a.m.

June 16, 2010


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