The Return of The People in my Hips at Manhattan Rep!

So I have the dates and it is happening.  The People in my Hips play will be returning to Manhattan Rep this April.

We are opening Wednesday April 6 and then playing Friday April 8 and Saturday April 9, all at 7 pm.  Hopefully, there will be demand so we can extend it on-going.

I am totally rewriting the play and adding the NEW ending.  It is going to be awesome.  I am very excited.

Just yesterday I photoshopped the new People in my Hips logo.  I love it.

Check out THE DARK MAN and BABY KEN on the Logo.  And I look pretty cool as Shiva, huh?


When I look at this, I have to say, it affects me.  The Dark Man's photo is adapted a bit and changed, but this is the God honest truth, I really used his image.  That's him from over 40 years ago.  Wow, the wonder of the Internet.  Scary too.

So why did I make this choice, to use his image?  Because this is a true story.  I can't announce his name for I really don't have proof, but a part of me feels everyone who comes to my show should see this man's evil face.

I guess I am not that enlightened to forgive him.  I probably never will.  But I don't hate him.  He is dead.  I am sure he has paid for his RAGE and EVIL 1000 times over in his lifetime.  That is just how it works.

But the good news is I FORGIVE MYSELF for making whatever choices that led me down that road so many years ago.  I am so damned happy being healed, and also, so damned happy that I finally know the truth about one of the major events which contributed to my crazy PTSD and the People in my Hips.

Ain't life Grand?

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