What's been happening!

Hi!  Long time no post.  All is good.

The People in my Hips at MRT last Spring was awesome.  With the new ending recounted in these pages.  My sister and my brother attended.  It was pretty wild.  I could hear them weeping in the audience.  Awesomely wonderful.  Show was again a big success.

Manhattan Rep has moved to a new space (a long and crazy story - maybe one day I will blog about it.) Manhattan Rep now is a flex space so I am hoping to start teaching ENERGY YOGA there.  It is a Yoga practice I have developed to help balance and release the wacky energy we hold in our bodies. Hoping to put up another production of The People in my Hips in April with the announcement of ENERGY YOGA at MRT.  I will keep you posted.

I still am amazed at how I have changed because of the People in my Hips.  There is this wonderful sense of peace and security that I now have in just being me.  I am not as dramatic about life - I live it and I simply deal for the most part with the goofy stuff.  And my Yoga practice is still so special, balancing me, making me smile more and making me just feeling better overall.  

I attended a AERIAL YOGA workshow where everyone hangs from silk slings like in Cirque du Soleil and I have to tell you, for a chronicalogically aging man, I did GREAT. Most of the class was 20 to 25 years younger and I totally kept up.  It was a great affirmation of Yoga and what it has done for me across the board.

Hopefully, one day I will teach Aerial Yoga, but we are definitely getting a sling at MRT so I can hang upside down before I go on stage in The People in my Hips!  (Love it!)

Anyway, I will keep you posted more often about all.  It has been a long time, but a really good time.



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