Manhattan Repertory Theatre is seeking new, never produced before plays (40 minutes - 120 minutes) for our SPRING (April 17 - June 28) season as part of our

APRIL 17 - JUNE 28, 2015

Create, develop and produce your never produced before play at Manhattan Rep for two performances.


What this all means: 

Our SPRING Play Series includes:

2 performances at Manhattan Rep this Spring (more if you play is selling well.) 

Over 12 hours of rehearsal time on the Manhattan Rep stage 

3 hours tech, 3 hours Dress rehearsal, and 6 hours of straight rehearsal time in the theatre (Nights and weekend days.) 

Weekly development discussions if you wish with Artistic Director Ken Wolf, with help with casting, direction, the best way to set up a production from the start, how to make important cuts to your play, how to better structure your play, team building and more. 

If you have written a play and you feel you want some support developing it and bringing it to production, as opposed to being flung onto the stage like at so many NYC festivals, our play development series is for you!

There is no cost for our SPRING PLAY SERIES, but there is a $300 refundable security deposit which secures the space from damage, and secures an average of 13 audience members per performance for a total of 26 over two performances.

Space is very limited.   

Our SPRING PLAY SERIES at Manhattan Rep is by invitation only.


To submit for our SPRING PLAY SERIES, please email:

A brief introduction with detailed information about yourself and your work,

the complete first rehearsal draft of your play

a synopsis of the play,

the running time of the play,

the set and lighting requirements, 

the playʼs history,

(readings, when it was written, etc etc.)

your mailing address,

and a creative team leader contact email address to:


by THURSDAY MARCH 19, 2015

Please put  "SPRING PLAY SERIES" in the subject heading.

Your will be considered on a first - come first-served basis.

The earlier you submit, the better your chances of being accepted into the series. If we fill up all production positions early on, we will end submissions.

Once submitted, we will get back to you within one week as to your acceptance. There is no submission fee. 



25 Reasons Why You Should Put up your Play at Manhattan Rep


1. Amazing Mid-Town Location. Have your play produced on 42nd St, a block from Broadway!

2. Professional help to insure that your play is amazing. We have worked with over 1500 playwrights in the past 9 years producing work here at Manhattan Rep. We can help with script, direction, staging and more, and we are always accessible for questions and creative solutions.

3. Parking right outside the theatre so it is easy for your Friends and Family from out of town to attend.

4. So simple to get to.  Besides parking right outside, within 2 blocks of Manhattan Rep you can get to almost every subway line in NYC other than the M and the L, so it is easy for your friends to get here from any of the 5 boroughs! 

5. We make it "Production Easy". Everything has been streamlined over the years so you won’t be dealing with the madness of a festival. It is civilized here. We help playwrights develop and refine their work on our stage in Times Square. And it is fun too.

6. We offer a minimum of 12 hours of rehearsal in the theatre you will be performing in so that opening night will be seamless and not harried like at most festivals in town with limited stage time.

7. 3 hours of Tech, 3 hours of Dress rehearsal in prime time hours (Not WEEKDAY DAYS.) and a minimum of 6 hours of straight rehearsal time in our theatre, the theatre you will be performing in!

8. An opportunity to rent our theatre for rehearsal at well below the market rate.

9. We have stock furniture so you can easily create your set without having to drag furniture around town.

10. You can store all of your props and costumes here for the duration of your run!

 11. No crazy participation fees!  Some Festivals charge $200 - $700 just so you can present your play.  We only ask for a refundable $300 security deposit which secures 13 seats per performance which is returned within a week after your close. Easy. (So if you have 26 friends and can rehearse some of your play in your apartment, you can produce your play for free!)

 12. Shows that are selling well get added performances if your creative team is available and willing with no audience minimum!

 13. We offer NORMAL nights for presenting your show. We don’t do performances on MONDAY nights at 9 pm like FESTIVALS around town! That’s crazy.

 14. We will teach your Sound/Light technician how to run the sound and lights at Manhattan Rep in 10 minutes or less. We have a wonderful sound and light system which is easy to run and works great. No need to worry about huge programable confusing light systems. Our system is easy!

 15. Our space is awesome. It offers 46 seats. It is intimate, yet feels safe for actors. Producers have said that there is something magical about our space, and we agree.

 16. We keep our theatre SUPER CLEAN for actors and audience alike. You won’t have to deal with a dusty dirty dressing room, like at so many theatres in Manhattan.

 17. We have comprehensive THEATRE insurance so you don’t have to purchase an insurance policy to put up your play.

 18. We are located at 42nd St and 8th Ave, a half block from Broadway, with great restaurants and bars everywhere to go to with family and friends who come to see your play!

19. We do our best to always have meet and greet time in the theatre after a show for actors and creative team members to meet with the audience. We do not RUSH groups in and out like a the McFestivals in town.

20. Manhattan Rep is run by artists who are currently developing their work. Not by wacky producers seeing how much money they can make by stuffing plays in a theatre. 

21. In 9 years, we have presented over 1000 full-length plays and well over 500 short plays on 42nd St. We have worked with well over 10,000 theatre professional in the process of play creation and production. And we are as passionate as ever! No burn out here. In fact, when we look around town and see some of the ridiculous and confusing hoops people have to jump through in order to produce their work, we are thrilled to make it easy, productive and peaceful for playwrights to see their work come alive!

22. We are accessible and crazy honest about all that we do here. Everything is up front. There are no hidden costs or surprises!

23. The theatre you submit for is the theatre you will be working in. We don’t play bait and switch and in the last minute move you to another theatre with half of the features originally offered causing havoc to your production and your promotional efforts and more! 

24. It is just friggin’ great here. Easy. Great location. Magical space. A block from Broadway. Parking right next door to the theatre. Wonderful restaurants and bars. Crazy supportive staff and more.

25. Our mission here is to help other artists develop their work here in a supportive, crazy creative and CLEAN environment. We know what the process of play development is and we are passionate about helping you realize your play. Another part of our mission is NOT to squeeze in as many plays as possible in any given minute like at many of the McFestivals in town. We want quality, well-rehearsed and developed work as part of our play development series. And we think you want that too!

If you have any questions about anything in reference to our SPRING PLAY SERIES, feel free to write us at: