New Works Spring 2013

New and exciting works by some of this country's finest playwrights.

Lake Full of Iron; Sky Full of Hope

by Nathan Wright

"Lake Full of Iron; Sky Full of Hope" tracks the 1975 sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald on Lake Superior and follows the lives of four men as they relive the events of that night and reflect on the cruel yet strangely beautiful nature of chance and choice in their own lives.


by Jacob Moushey

"Jimmy" follows the iconic actor on the set of his last film. While his career is skyrocketing, his personal life is in shambles. Will he find solace before it's too late? review by Martin Denton

March 20, 2013

James Dean was only 24 when he died in that car crash in 1955. He didn't know that he was going to be nominated for Oscars for his first film, East of Eden, and his last, Giant; even though he may have wished it, could he have even suspected that he would become an iconic movie star remembered decades after his untimely demise?

In Jimmy: The Story of James Dean, actor/playwright Jacob Moushey introduces us to the 24-year-old Dean, on the evening before that fatal accident. He's alone in his trailer, waiting to be called for filming on Giant, and to pass the time he has a conversation with his mother, who died when he was 9 years old. We get the idea that he talks to her a lot, though perhaps not so much lately. He recalls moments from his life and gets a lot off his chest. Dramaturgically, it's quite a brilliant device that Moushey has come up with, allowing us to get into Dean's head and under his skin with minimal artifice.

Moushey is himself 24, and what's most striking about this portrait is how young this James Dean is. He's accomplished a lot, and knows his value as an actor; but what we see here mostly is a fellow grappling with adulthood and the first realizations of self-knowledge that come with that. He calls his East of Eden director "Mr. Kazan" and apologizes any time he says a curse word to his momma; he ponders what lessons may lie in his few failed relationships and is simultaneously boastful and regretful about some of his exploits. His Jimmy doesn't know he's about to die (though we do, of course); what he seems to want most of all is to make his mother proud.

The show is about 45 minutes long, and Moushey leaves us wanting more when it's over. Directed smartly by Matthew Cleaver, Moushey conjures Dean's aura through canny physicalization; he doesn't so much look like Dean as channel his restless energy. It's a throughly convincing performance, and a richly layered one, that reveals not only the particulars of the character but what makes him so universal and relatable.

Jimmy is a thoroughly engaging and compelling work, that made me hungry to learn more about James Dean—and to see whatever Jacob Moushey, who is a smart and talented actor and playwright, does next.



by Richard Thomas Henle


Written and Performed by Chiara Montalto

A BROOKLYN LOVE STORY is a tale set in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn about the profound effect a grandfather and his granddaughter have on each other as one's life is ending while the other's is just beginning. review by Laurie Lawson

"The characters playwright/performer Chiara Montalto creates are the kind with whom you quickly bond. In this one-woman tour-de-force, you enjoy spending as much time as possible with Chiara and her grandfather, along with a couple of potential love interests and neighborhood folks. What hasn’t changed is the powerful punch this work packs. In loving tribute to an elderly man at the end of his life, your emotions will get a consummate workout. You’ll laugh and you’ll cry, and you will leave wishing you had the opportunity to meet the grandfather who inspired A BROOKLYN LOVE STORY.”


Directed and developed by Ken Wolf

Written by the ACTORS!

Monologues on Relationships 2013.  Hopefully, it's good news!

Don't miss this collection of hilarious and sometimes heart-warming monologues on relationships today performed by the authors.


by Rudy Gray

A black slave reveals to his master that a slave revolt is about to happen on the plantation  

Why did he do it and what does he do about it?


by Maggie Julienne Herskowitz

FITZWILLIAM LOVES LIZZY is about this bloke, Darcy, right, who’s well-proud and keeps comin’ onto Lizzy Bennet. She ain’t even axed him to like her and she ain’t just sayin’ that ‘cuz she’s prejudiced.

Destination Wedding

by Jack Wernick

An invitation sets a mother and her gay son on a bumpy ride to a friend’s wedding. Secrets are shared, relationships tested, and illusions shattered on the road to domestic happiness.