February 2, 2010


So I picked something up funny, and pulled something in my back.  A week later, it still wasn't better so I went to the Gym and tried to stretch it out.  After my stretch, I got an emergency call that someone had passed out at my theatre, so I had to run out into the cold to troubleshoot.  All was fine at the theatre, ambulance had come and gone, but I was feeling it in my body.

The next morning at 6 a.m. at Starbucks, I was unable to sit down without excruciating hip pain - incredibly horrible sciatic nerve pain racing down my leg.  I went to class early and tried to stretch it out to no avail.  I taught a modified class but by the end of it, I was unable to tie my sneakers.  I rushed to the walk in doctor nearby who recommended rest and advil (OY! Some dumb prescription!) and I went home.  

By 6 p.m., I was unable to walk.

So here it is 3 years after my People in my Hips journey and my hip is attacking me again.


By the grace of God, there is no emotion coming out of my hips now, just physiological pain.  No screaming baby Ken and No Dark Evil Man from my past, just incredibly horrible physiological pain.  

And I am SO HAPPY.

Not happy that I am in pain, but happy that my old People in my Hips friends have not re-manifested.

So I am crawling about the house in terrible pain, with my puppy Roma pulling on my socks, really happy.  

How is that for a re-frame?

As I have mentioned many times before, I have transformed since my People in my Hips adventure.  If this were 7 years ago, i would be freaking out, worried about my job, my leg, my livelihood, causing more drama in this apartment than could be imaginable.

But this weekend, I made the choice to simply accept what is and simply deal unemotionally with the issues.

I went to a Neurologist friend yesterday who said my condition was not so bad, for there is no nerve loss, just inflammation.  I am on some funky drugs that make me burb, but I am slowing getting better.  I have had to take off for a week from work which means I lose a lot of money but I can deal.

I have no People in my Hips.  They are gone, relinquished to the past, so while crawling on the floor, with my puppy pulling on my socks...

I am so damn happy.

I am sure I will be better, or I will deal with what's next.  I will keep you posted.

But if I can leave you with one axiom to live your life by it is this:


"Accept what is.  Brainstorm on solutions.  Take action.  Have faith.  Never give up."


It will change everything.


Here is a video I took with my Iphone of my wonderful puppy pulling on my socks as I am crawling on the floor as I babble about where I am with this new hip challenge.

Thanks for reading and logging on.  Love ya!



February 3, 2010

NOW TODAY #2 - Hips still broken. I will never give up!

Here I am.  Not fun.  But I will get better.


 February 4, 2010


More fun being trapped at home with sciatic nerve pain, and my quest to heal.

Today OLD stuff emerges..... and I handle it.

Check it out.





The adventure continues.