WHO WON THE $1000 prize for his play



BLOW UP by Alan Braunstein

BLOW UP tells the story of the unusual relationship between Paul and Candie. When Candie starts having ideas about where the relationship is headed, things begin to.... blow up.



PREGNANT DIARIES presents a typical day at a high school library where Karen, an impregnated teenager, attempts to write in her diary until an eccentric classmate decides to wrap herself (and several others) up in Karen’s issues.



Porn:  Maybe it's more like Prozac?


WHITE WALLS by Jack Rushton

White walls, a drive in the country is anything but....


THE PARK BENCH HERO by Elias Diamond

In The Park Bench Hero, a burnt-out Civil War re-enactor seeks revenge on his ex’s new boyfriend with the help of a strange young boy.


MiDNIGHT by Kyle A. Jackson

In MIDNIGHT, two strangers bump heads over a spot in a dark, secluded section of a large urban park late on a Thursday night. They're both meeting someone there. What are the odds?


RULES by Sam Ciavarella

On the verge of destroying their friendship, Steph and Drew, two best friends who have recently crossed the line with each other physically, try to fix their friendship by establishing 'rules' to protect themselves.  But when Steph makes a startling confession that leaves Drew angry and hurt, the two best friends must figure out if their rules are going to help them before they lose each other forever.


WHAT'S ON A NAME?  LETTERS. by Griffin Hennelly

What do Vincent Van Gogh, a born again pastor and a cannibal with an online degree have in common? They all have names... and possibly the clap.

WOLF & BEAR by Erin Hug

WOLF & BEAR is exactly what it sounds like. A wolf. And a bear. Searching for food. Wearing pants.      Singing 80s songs. Depending on each other. And keeping a big secret.


SUNDAY MORNING by Alex Addison

A boy. A girl. A night on the town. And a relationship that meets its end.


COUNTDOWN by William Packard

This defense attorney visits his client in his death/jail cell on the day of execution to let him know he made a big Oop's in his defense and that he didn't really have to get the death sentence.


SLUT CLAUS by Ali Keller

How do you meet your future in-laws dressed as Santa's trampy girlfriend? 

OPHELIA by Patrick Flanagan

This is where dreams go to die.


JUMPERS by Bryan Bradford

In JUMPERS, best friends Jean and Dot escape from a nursing home to commit suicide by jumping off a freeway overpass, having decided there is nothing left to live for. Or is there?


FINDING THE WAY by Natalie Bates

With her laid-off husband bent on a spiritual quest and her daughter about to deliver a Thanksgiving surprise, can wife and mother Dorie cope with any more change?  Finding the Way paints a comical portrait of a family unraveling—which may not be a bad thing.


WILL by Matt Proctor

A dying young girl uses her last will and testament to settle old scores and throw the party of her life.

LOVE/NICE by Teddy Hall

“LOVE/NICE” asks the question:  What is the difference between sex and love?  When one man wants hotter sex and the other wants deeper love, the question of what “love” really means can be more complex than they ever expected. 


CHAMPAGNE by Debra Whitfield

As Irene and her husband Nick tensely await the new millennium, a beautiful young woman enters their isolated space station.  Soon after her arrival--seduction, seclusion and superstition lead to death on the edge of the future.


GLITTER IN THE GUTTER by Jessica Denison

GLITTER IN THE GUTTER steps into the wild and dazzling chaotic world of Edie Sedgwick.Where the Whiskey never runs out and the fashion is always high. Watch her crash as fame consumes her.


GUNNY by Charlie Newell

Three men find themselves on the the battlefield of Afghanistan and learn that the price they pay is sometimes more than just the loss of life.


LIPS UPON CHEEKS by Alaina Hammond

A cancer patient has a frank yet subtle conversation with her doctor about the next step of treatment, both of them flirting with different roles.

FATHER'S DAY by Andrew Rothkin

"You're never too old for sibling rivalry."


OUT TO DRY by Allison Cohen and Stephanie Iscovitz

 Sometimes you've got to lay out all your dirty laundry to come clean.


WITH LOVE by Diana Sunder

When Jack finds himself stuck in a waiting room, he's forced to finally confront the ultimate question:

Is love worth waiting for?


THE MACGUFFIN by Fidel Fonteboa

What do four rogues, one gun, one psychopath, a pedicure and a mysterious package have in common. 

FORGET-ME-NOT by D.C. Copeland

FORGET ME NOT is play about an addict, speaking from purgatory, who lost his life struggling to come to terms with his lover's suicide.


PARKED by Michael Ferreiro

As one young woman experiences a  breakdown, her boyfriend and cousin try to get to the root of the problem. Will they succeed? Find out in Parked.


ONE by Trevor Rodman

ONE is a circular conversation between a father and his son.


RESERVATIONS by Jeffrey Fischer-Smith

In RESERVATIONS, Edna and Mae – two women who have been life partners for many, many years – face an unexpected challenge which will forever alter the perfect rhythm of their lives.

IT CAME FROM PORTLAND by Gavin Barba, Pat Hood, and Liam Paris

"From the minds of Gavin Barba, Liam Paris, and Pat Hood, a thrilling ride about tentacles! But not the creepy kind of tentacles! The kind of tentacles your mom can watch!" 



Victoria is Queen of Tinder, Goddess of Scrapbooking and a Love Guru to women helping them find the right mate with some backups to bless this earth with BABIES!!



How do you accept failing as a parent? In Principal's Office, Melinda and John struggle with their conviction to balance marriage, family and successful careers, while breaking the model of an ideal family right in front of their closest friends.


GERI' PIMPIN' by Matt Butler