#36 - Why you need to bring your play to LIFE! (Part One!)

A play is an experience.  A live event.  Energy is exchanged in real time between actors, and between actors and audience.  It is a live morphing ever changing experience!

Playwrights write scripts that are someday turned into Plays.
A script is turned into a play when a Playwright, Director, Designers, Technicians and Actors literally bring it to life right off the paper.

Playwright's don't write plays.  They write the MAP for a Play which is then brought to life by the Director and the creative team in conjunction with the actors.

A script that has been brought to life, what we call a play, is not 1 dimensional, like a script.  It is Multi-Dimensional, for it is not only in 3 dimensions but there is the emotional dimension too.  A script brought to life, real life, becomes a play. And it is awesome!

This is why you NEED to bring your script to life.  Life is different than on paper.  Everything changes.  What might look good on paper, or sound good on paper might BE HORRIBLE in reality.  Things that you love about your script might seem hokey when brought to life.  Relationships might seem unclear and your script when brought to life might not be that great.

Which is why as a playwright YOU MUST go through the play development process.  The process of bringing your play to life!  You will learn what works.  You will learn what doesn't work and FIX it in real time rehearsal.  And what looked so simple and perfect on paper is BIGGER, FULLER, more exciting and more fun when brought to life.

You are NOT a serious playwright until you bring one of your plays to life, even if it is just in your living room, or a Library Reading Room somewhere, but you HAVE TO BRING YOUR PLAY TO LIFE, if you hope to truly be a playwright.

But how the heck do you bring your play to life?  Find some friends. Put together a scene or two and present it in your living room for other friends. Find a festival in town where you can bring your short play to life in front of a supportive audience, or even hire us, here at Manhattan Rep to bring it to life as part of our PLAY PRODUCTION PROGRAM.  http://manhattanrep.com/play-production-program/

But whatever you choose to do, you can't sit in your little office night after night simply writing scripts, sending them out as if they are finished, and pretending that you are a playwright.

Get big now. Be bold. Bring one of your plays to life in a simple self production.  It is challenging and tough at times but you will learn so much and it will jump start your playwriting career ten fold!

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