#37 - Why You Need to Bring Your Play to Life - Part Two

This past June, we produced the Full-length play, THE BIGOT by Gabi and Eva Mor at Manhattan Rep as part of our play production program.  We sorted through the script and made important cuts and changes with the playwright.  We created clear, distinct characters and relationships, and we worked with the actors to bring those characters and relationships to life.  It was an exciting, beautiful, powerful production.
Since bringing The Bigot to life in June, The Bigot has been picked up by FIVE theatres across the country for productions in 2018.  In my experience I have never seen any play so successful so fast.
Why?  Because the playwrights had more than just a script. They had a fantastic video of the production (which comes as part of the Play Production Program) and they had articles and notices about the play.  The play developed an online vibe which was palpable for the production was so good.
A play is a three dimensional experience, so why are you trying to sell your plays with one dimensional scripts?  You submit and send out your plays and wait and wait and wait.  Why don't you take your career seriously and bring one of your plays to life, and get your work known? Have a New York City premiere?
It is a new world out there when it comes to plays. The old submission rules don't really apply or they TAKE FOREVER! Theatres want to know that a play has been successful, and successful in NYC is even better.  Why invest in a play that has no legs?  Producing costs are too expensive nowadays to risk a play from an unknown playwright, UNLESS IT HAS A VIBE ON IT, from being in a successful NYC production.
So it is time for your to bring your play to life and get it out into the world!  Give it a New York City premiere!  Develop a vibe on your play.  Put together a short video trailer with excerpts from your play to sell your play to theatres around the country like the playwrights of THE BIGOT did. Use more than just a script to get your work out into the world.  LEVERAGE YOUR PLAYWRITING POSSIBILITIES!
Life is too short not to!
So check out our Play Production program.  We have produced over 25 full-length and short plays for playwrights around the globe since March 2017, and we do really wonderful work!
Don't miss this opportunity to jump start your career!

If you have any questions about our Play Production Program, please feel free to email me at manhattanrep@yahoo.com.  

But it is time to bring your play to life!!
with best regards,
Ken Wolf
Artistic Director
Manhattan Repertory Theatre

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