#14 - Your One Great Play! February 15, 2017

If you could write one great play, what would it be?

That's a good question, huh?

If you could write that one GREAT play, what would that play be?

Would it be a play that could actually make a difference in the world? That could help sway social consciousness or educate people about some issue so they might feel the need to take action on it? Or even more powerful, could your play help change a person's CHARACTER?

A number of years ago, I saw the play LOBBY HERO by Kenneth Lonergan, and it changed my life. No, I didn't go out and try to save the homeless afterwards or fight for World Peace. (How do you FIGHT for World Peace?) But that play, LOBBY HERO did change me. 

LOBBY HERO is about a doorman in a luxury apartment building who betrays a confidence with one of the tenants, and because of this betrayal, a series of events occurs that is really not fun at all. All because the doorman told someone something he was asked not to tell to anyone. 

Ever since I saw this play many many years ago, I have never, ever, ever, betrayed a confidence. I walked out of that theatre and I knew if someone asked me to keep a secret a secret, I would. 


And I have kept that promise to myself all these years!

Now that is powerful theatre.

Yeah, I didn't save the homeless after seeing it, or march for World Peace, but LOBBY HERO changed me, for the better.

So maybe your one great play might help change personal beliefs? 

Now that's powerful!


Ken WolfComment