#23 - My Seven Most Profound Writing Tips - April 10, 2017

Now I know I may have mentioned some of these before, but these are things are do on a regular basis that work!  They always work.  They are the ground plan of how I craft and write a play!

So here goes...

1. WRITE WRITE WRITE WAIT WAIT MAYBE SLEEP THEN EDIT.  Writing and editing are two different things. My best practice is to write and then sleep and then edit. I write, then take some time away from writing and go back fresh with a new brain and I edit. This is my most profound writing practice. Been doing it for years and it works.

2. MAKE A PLAN. Plot out your play. Yes, take the time to make an outline from beginning to end. Know in advance what you are going to write about, and your writing will flow like never before.  When you have a plan, you don't fall down rabbit holes and get lost in undirected creativity, and you complete your first draft faster. There is nothing wrong with undirected creativity, but once you get your ideas and plot, you need to focus to complete your work. And the best way to do that is to have a plan, a map of your play. THIS REALLY WORKS.

3. KNOW YOUR CHARACTERS. Write about people you know, people in your life, just change the names or the occupation, or the context. When you make your characters people you know the dialogue flows like never before for you know your characters!

4. GET OFF YOUR COMPUTER AND WRITE ON A PAD. There is something amazing about writing by hand, especially when you feel stuck. There is some sort of physical connection - hand to braIn to creative consciousness that often jump starts your creativity. So bag the computer when the creative flow dries up, and try writing by hand with pen and paper.

5. USE TECHNOLOGY TO WRITE EVERYWHERE. Write on your PHONE. Dictate your play into your PHONE and watch it magically type it for you. Write in short intervals on the Subway on your PHONE, or when you have 10 minutes in a coffee shop. Know that you can ALWAYS imput your play wherever you are.  I have written full length plays in 10 minute intervals on my Phone. It is awesome.

6. WHEN YOU FEEL STUCK WITH "WRITER'S BLOCK"... RESEARCH! When you feel like the words are not flowing on the page, take your writing time and research your play. Research info on the setting, the time period, the genre. Watch movies that relate to what you are writing. See and read other plays of the same genre that are set in the same time period, or location. Become a sponge of information about the world of your play. And when you get back to writing, you will be surprised what manifests.

7. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND YOUR INNATE CREATIVITY. Get out of your own way. Make the choice to believe that you have a unique voice and can write an amazing play. Stop listening to the negative voices in your head, and focus on that still strong voice inside your heart, that KNOWS you are a great writer. 



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