#27 - Make it happen ON STAGE! - May 3, 2017

I read so many plays where major events actually take place off stage.
The scene is where a character is thinking about making a major life decision, and then the scene ends very "suspensefully," and then the next scene, a character runs in and says "So and So has made his decision at last!"  

Ahh, ugh, blah.  Don't do this.  Let major events literally happen on stage!

I am directing a new play right now written by a very gifted playwriting team of writers. I also helped structure and edit the play, but it wasn't until the reading yesterday that I saw this problem.  The climax of the play happens OFF STAGE!  So I pleaded my case to the cast and playwright who was in attendance. They were confused at first, but then they got it. The scene is where a bigoted, racist man agrees to have an African American kidney replace his failing kidney.  In the play, we see him confused not knowing what to do, and then the scene ends, and then, in the next scene,  a character runs in and says that the character has decided to take the kidney.  

Can you see how doing that steals the climax of the play? We want to see the main character wrestling with his prejudices and his racial beliefs and make that decision! We want to see that ON STAGE!  That is the climax of the play!  I will keep you posted but I think it is going to be an awesome moment - we have an amazing actor playing the role, so it will be fun to DISCOVER in rehearsal how he wrestles with that life-changing decision and how he makes the decision.

So make things HAPPEN on stage!  Especially important events, and watch your play step to the next level!

Ken WolfComment