An amazing, prolific, super-talented playwright, performer

and member of the Manhattan Rep family.

Scotty Decker, a playwright/performer/producer at Manhattan Rep passed away this past June.

Scotty was amazingly talented, a super star of the Theatre, an absolute gentleman and a part of the Manhattan Rep family.  He will be greatly greatly missed. 

Scotty presented a myriad of plays here at Manhattan Rep and he brought one of his characters "THE CAPTAIN" in to many of our Event's programs just for fun.  Scotty's acerbic wit and gift for language was like no other playwright/performer we have ever known. And he said that Manhattan Rep was his favorite stage to perform on.

His passing is so wrong. He was a great, courageous, gentle, super talented, prolific, amazing man. And he will be greatly missed by all of us here at Manhattan Rep, and in the theatre community here in New York City.