How to Step to the Next Level with your Acting and your Career

Tuesday November 22 from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm

On stage at the NEW Manhattan Repertory Theatre, 17-19 West 45th St. Third Floor


Do you have an audition technique or do you choke at auditions and never get the role?

Are you self-conscious on stage? Disconnected at times?

Do you know your marketing type? 

Do you feel unmotivated at times and want to give up?

Do you feel something is MISSING in your acting and in your acting career?

If so, then this 3 hour workshop is for you.



Simple Keys to Better, More Connected Acting

Why “Listening” on stage is BS.  What to do instead.

Everyone talks about being specific and connected on stage - HOW to really do that! 

How to become aware of and let go of negative “actor” gestures and mannerisms.


Audition Technique and Marketing

Knowing and marketing your type so you can finally get that BIG ROLE!

How to make bold and exciting character choices for your audition monologues.

Best practices for Auditions.

How to become aware of and let go of negative “actor” gestures and mannerisms.


Keeping Yourself Motivated and Having a Plan for Success.

How to put together a plan for your success.

How to take effective action and make things happen.


Program fee: $40

Registration is on a first-come first-served basis for space is limited.

To register online, click here!


This workshop is taught by Manhattan Repertory Theatre Artistic Director Ken Wolf, who is the author of over 20 plays and has directed over 50 productions in New York City. At Manhattan Repertory Theatre, since 2005, he has produced over 1000 full length plays and over 2000 short pieces. His One Man play The People in my Hips was hailed by Martin Denton of as being “unlike any theatre piece I have ever seen.” And Lise Avery of Anything Goes!! Internationally Syndicated Radio said “THE PEOPLE IN MY HIPS is one of the most extraordinary pieces of theatre I have seen on or Off-Broadway in years. Mr. Wolf’s one-man performance is exquisite, inspiring, courageous and beautifully constructed.” Recently, he received rave reviews with his amazing 7lb Morkie Roma Pierro-Wolf, in his play DAD AND THE DOG, New York City’s first One Man One Dog show. He has taught Acting, Monologue Work, Scene Study and Speech for over 20 years in Westchester, The Fieldston School in Riverdale, and in New York City. He is a passionate teacher and creative artist.

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