by Afrika Brown

What’s the “T”?  What is truth?  Everyone knows what the truth is, but when the truth is revealed….how easy is it to accept?  Can you accept your truth or someone else’s truth when it finally comes out? The Outing is a captivating drama centering on three individuals who reveal a certain truth about themselves and the acceptance or nonacceptance of life outside the closet.   Brief yet penetrating, The Outing aims to hit the audience straight between the eyes with the speed and power of an Ali punch. As these characters learn to deal with the truth about themselves, the audience is also left to determine how the hidden truths of their life would affect the course of their life if they were to expose them.  


by Cory Conley

REVOLUTION is the story of a gifted and gay young poet named Ethan, whose personal struggles come together in an explosive way, on the last weekend of Occupy Wall Street.



by Harriet Rafe

Having fled his homeland and a past of violence and revolution, Nikolai discovers a book written by the brother he abandoned and guilty memories return to threaten his new life, his marriage, his very sanity.        



by Richard Thomas Henle

Explorations in technology have led to so many ways to connect, but they seem to have taken the place of the simple idea of meeting someone face to face. Have we gone too far? We will explore those questions as we study some of the "types" in Social Media.


by Janice Stucki

When the unpredictable thunderstorms of life come together under the right conditions they form a TROPICAL DEPRESSION.

REFORM: a play

by J.E. Hertel

This theatrical event explores the origins of the American penitentiary system and what it is today.


by Pamela L. Robbins

A librarian addicted to high stepping...a dwarf looking to make it in Hollywood...a woman dispatched to fire a co-worker at Christmas...some days do not go as planned!


by Rachel Greenhoe

Percy, an aging, British explorer lays on his sick bed trying to write the story of his life.  His only companion is a young nurse who would rather be doing anything but looking after him. When Percy accidently discovers a secret about his nurse the two begin to form an unlikely friendship. Part adventure yarn, part plutonic love story, all fun. 


by Yvette X

Emboldened by the 1960’s Black Arts Movement, Yvette X stakes her claim as a female dramatist coming of age artistically, racially and politically during the ongoing fight for parity for women in the American Theatre.   


by Sarah Congress

Master Matthew, nihilist epileptic, shuts out the world with sex, drugs, and reruns.

Warm, determined Rachel holds out a lifeline.

But the status quo is comfortable: can people really change?


by Joshua R. Pangborn

The First Woman tells the story of Genesis through the eyes of the first woman, kept nameless and eventually replaced when she asks too many questions.  In this retelling of the well-known story of the Garden of Eden, many questions are asked about faith and choice, but the answers are not always so easy to find, and seldom comforting.  


An Evening of Short Plays from the CRY HAVOC Apprentice Company


by Jonathan Wallace

A romantic comedy about identity, love, tequila, and being tasered in the snow as the cost of losing a bet.