THE PLAY PRODUCTION PODCAST is all about bringing plays to life.
Hosted by Ken Wolf, Artistic Director of Manhattan Repertory Theatre, playwright, director, actor and producer.

Ken talks about all the elements involved in PLAY PRODUCTION from hiring a director, to casting, to working with actors, to working with playwrights, to scenic design, fundraising and more, giving you distinctions and ways to produce better theatre more elegantly. Using his wealth of hands on theatrical experience to inform you what NOT to do, and WHAT TO DO THAT WORKS, this podcast will help you become a better theatre professional and create AWESOME theatre productions.  And it is fun to listen to too!

Ken Wolf, Artistic Director of Manhattan Repertory Theatre in New York City has produced over 5000 plays, authored over 20 plays, and directed over 90 productions. He currently mentors playwrights and directs and acts in plays at Manhattan Repertory Theatre, a block from Times Square in the BIG APPLE. He is a passionate creator and teacher.

Listen online below!

Episode #1 = How to Hire a Director! The most important thing you can do to create a great play production!

Episode #2 - CASTING: What to do and what not to do to create a great cast!

Episode #3 - Fundraising Do’s and Don’ts!