As you may know from the work we do at Manhattan Rep, I am a huge proponent of getting plays OFF THE PAGE as a super important part of a play's development process. So often playwrights get trapped sitting at that computer screen rewriting and tweaking and rewriting and tweaking until their head's explode!

So here's the great news:

Manhattan Rep will be offering a forum for Playwright's to keep their heads from detonation, to take their play OFF the page, out of that computer, and up in front of a supportive group of creative people, in something we call:


And it's FREE!  Totally free!

Last month, I was approached by one of our resident playwrights, Sarah Congress, who spearheaded this idea and well,... Let's hear it in her words:


Playwriting is a solitary sport. You’re alone in a room, thinking, typing, questioning, wondering whether your piece is “going anywhere.” Often our minds turn against us, and in a puddle of loneliness and uncertainty, we let that word document sit neglected in the corner of our screen, gathering dust, until in a fit of “I can’t do it” its sent to the trash bin. Sound familiar?
This is why playwrights need a community.
New to NYC I was searching for such a community – but coming up empty. I googgled and applied to many “playwright labs,” at theatres – sending out writing samples, resumes, and bios – and I never heard back from a single one.
I finally emailed Ken Wolf at Manhattan Rep asking him if he had any suggestions as to where I could join a free playwriting group that actually let some people in. 

He said “Nope – never heard of one....Hey Sarah want to start one here?”
The Playwright’s Halfway House is a way to have your new draft read (or even a part of your draft memorized, rehearsed and performed) in front of a supportive group of writers and actors, to receive (if you wish - feedback is optional) positive constructive criticism. (Our goal is to encourage one another, not to rip each other to shreds). Our intention in creating the Playwright’s Halfway House is to support playwrights to finish their drafts (by working with actors and other playwrights) and then submit them for production, or even self-produce them.
Why are we doing this? Because production IS an attainable goal. Because a positive COMMUNITY is a right that we are entitled to. Because this is a HARD, COMPETITIVE field and this RESOURCE will make a difference!


(This is me again.)

And this is really cool...
The participants of The Playwright's Halfway House will get priority acceptance into any of Manhattan Rep's (free for playwright's participating) semi-monthly EVENTS programs. So you can work on your play at the Halfway house, and then bring a scene or a complete short play to life on stage at Manhattan Rep in front of a live audience, if and when you are ready.  

And again, it is FREE.

Please RSVP for this event by 

And if it goes well, we will continue! So we need your help and participation. We want this to be an on-going workshop/support group to get your work off the page and out into the world.

So please join us.  

It's time to get away from that computer and bring your work to life!


Ken Wolf

Artistic Director

Manhattan Repertory Theatre