D'Affare D'Amore

by Claudia Godi and Scott Decker

A groundbreaking Bi-Lingual romantic comedy. A beautiful Italian woman, a serious American man, a monumental language barrier, and the worst waiter in the history of the service industry...    

Hilarity ensues.

Lazy Philosophy

By Joe Thomas

On the night of September 11, 2006, five friends fight for the life of one of their own high atop a rock in Central Park. 

2 Faces One Mirror

by Mario Lantiqua

2 Faces One Mirror is a thought provoking and compelling story of a mothers struggle to deal with an out of control daughter and the secret that could turn their whole world upside down!

Whatever, God

by Dre Davis

Malcolm wants his girlfriend back. But God keeps getting in the way.

Confessions of Poverty

by Om Rupani

CONFESSIONS OF POVERTY is a new play about four characters navigating the tug of war between desire and appearances, between convenience and real passion.

Little City

by Richard Thomas Henle

The Arab

by Sylva Khoury

In THE ARAB, a young Lebanese refugee trades in his gun for a baguette. Forging a new identity in France, however, proves difficult as his friends begin to doubt his carefree facade.


by Meri Wallace

Three generations of women in a family are bonded by their love of ballet, yet torn apart by it.             A stranger enters their lives and turns the family upside down.