Your Personal Monologue

Created for you by Ken Wolf, Artistic Director - Manhattan Repertory Theatre


Finding the right monologue for you is often challenging.  It needs to be dramatic or funny, and it needs to work with your type and your personal actor branding.  And you want a monologue that isn't done by EVERY ACTOR ON EARTH.

You need a unique, hip and compelling monologue that expresses you and highlights your acting talents and strengths.


Ken Wolf, Playwright and Artistic Director of Manhattan Repertory Theatre is now offering Personal Monologues!

Ken will WRITE you the perfect monologue to help you finally get that BIG PART!


Here is the process:

Ken will meet with you in person at the theatre or by Skype or Facetime.  You will express the type of monologue you are looking for that will highlight your talents and your personal actor branding.

Ken will write you an amazing monologue based on your type, personal criteria and acting strengths.

You will meet with Ken at the theatre or by Skype or Facetime,  and go over the monologue and make any changes if necessary.

And then you will go out with a fantastic, unique, compelling monologue that will work for you!


The fee for a PERSONAL MONOLOGUE is $175.00. 

Once purchased you will be sent a purchase confirmation and we will contact you within 24 hours to set up an appointment.

Ken Wolf is the artistic Director of Manhattan Rep and the author of over 20 plays. He has also directed over 90 productions including The Tempest, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Three Sisters, Tales of Terror, Men, The Match Game and Ghost. 

He has taught CREATING THE PERFECT MONOLOGUE workshop at Manhattan Rep’s Performance Studio, taught acting at Fieldstone School in Riverdale, and tutors privately in NYC and Westchester.

As an actor, he has portrayed such roles as Mozart in Amadeus, Vershinin in The Three Sisters, and Biff in The Death of a Salesman. He received rave reviews for his one man play The People in my Hips which Martin Denton of described as "unlike any theatre I have ever seen before." Recently he and his Dog Roma Pierro Wolf just received rave reviews in New York's first One Man One Dog play DAD AND THE DOG at MRT. He is a passionate teacher and creator.

He lives with the incredible Jennifer Pierro and the adorable Roma Pierro Wolf in Manhattan.

For more information about YOUR PERSONAL MONOLOGUE by Ken Wolf, please email us at: